Four Corner Bag 4CB

Material: 100% Linen
Maschinenwaschbar 40 Grad

Through many years of teaching knitting, I’ve used and seen hundreds of project bags, usually the drawstring variety. I was frustrated with this classic bag design because it is too one-dimensional and difficult to get into. I wanted something I could open up and get to the bottom of, something I could hang on the arm of a chair and knit out of, plus something I could use for other purposes, such as transporting a box of pastries or my lunch! I began folding paper, origami-style, until I came up with a simple, square-bottomed, tote structure. Using this design, I constructed the bag with rustic, durable linen and natural, vegetable-tanned leather handles that are removable so the bag can be washed.
Attention: The bag comes without the leather handles. These are sold separately.

Small: 35cm im Quadrat
Medium: 42cm im Quadrat
Large: 49cm im Quadrat